Services and Solutions

For Organizations:

  • Team Performance
  • Effective Leadership
  • Executive Coaching
  • Corporate & Client Events

Create True Synergy

An effective team is synergistic – in other words, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  However, most teams have not been designed for success or synergy.  Rather, they are usually people brought together through organizational charts, projects, and functional roles.  Just as in sports, each team player brings a certain set of skills and personality to the team.  The diversity of the skills and strengths are what make the team effective – as long as team members understand their roles and have good, if not great, communication.  Team assessments and coaching can optimize your team for performance and drive noticeable results.

Lead vs. Manage

What is the difference between a manager and a leader?  A manager oversees or supervises tasks and functions through direct or delegative authority.  A leader is one who inspires, motivates and energizes people through their vision and example.   A leader is someone who others follow regardless of status or title.  A leader effectively influences outcomes despite reporting relationships.  Which one do you want running your organization? We use an effective assessment tool to identify individual strengths and styles that can then be leveraged to develop high performing leaders.

Be the Vision

Organizational success is usually tied to the strength of its leadership.  And great leaders know the value of continuous improvement.  But even experienced leaders find themselves in unfamiliar situations due to changes happening inside or outside of the organization.  Executive coaching provides leaders insights and methodology to navigate uncharted territories with confidence and success.

Play to Lead

Learning feels effortless when it is fun.  Our events provide a day filled with leadership training or team building taught through the game of golf.  Attendees are able to easily gain insights into their leadership or team styles through their approach to golf, and get to work on their golf handicap at the same time.   A golf event is also a great way to thank clients or reward high performers.

For Individuals:

  • Personal Coaching
  • Career Transition

Play Big! Be a Rock Star!

Whether you are looking to improve your success in work or life – or are already successful and wanting to be at the top of your game, finding the right coaching partner is an invaluable tool to getting there quickly and effectively.  A personal coach, like a personal trainer, will not only help you achieve your goals, but enable you to see possibilities for exceeding your greatest expectations.

Do What You Love

Most of us hit junctures in the road related to our working careers.  Whether it be forced forks in the road such as layoffs or retirement or whether it be a search for greater meaning and satisfaction that drives us – the next step to take may not be clear.  Career transition planning and coaching provides insights into your strengths, your passions and your needs for finding a job or lifestyle that will energize rather than drain you.